Swimming Lessons

In term one, Walpole Primary have their Swimming Lessons. The students catch the school bus to Peaceful Bay and have an eighty minute lesson each day.

The P-6 students learn water safety and swimming strokes. Group sizes are small. Teachers may come from Albany or Perth. If teachers cannot be found, lessons will not take place.

Instruction is provided through the Education Department’s In-term Swimming and are free. The students pay for transport to Peaceful Bay by the school bus.

To minimize costs and make the most of an excursion outside of school, the students travel on the one bus and then break into two groups. While one group swims, the other group learns more about the beach environment. In the past, the students have learnt about marine rescue, protected birds and their nesting habits, marine ecosystems and marine debris.

School teachers remain with the students in case the students need to leave the water. The swimming instructor has duty of care during the lessons.

Parents are welcome to come and watch, and even have a swim at the same time.