UR Walpole

UR Walpole 2019 - Fabulous Fungi

Last term the teachers met with Gary Muir, Katie Syme, Prue Anderson, Tim Gamblin and Liz Edmonds to plan the 2019 URWalpole theme of Fabulous Fungi. They brainstormed the various links between Nature, Culture, Future and the West Australian Curriculum.


Students will learn about classification processes for the kingdom, symbiotic relationships and threats. They will see how humans have grown fungi to eat and for medicinal purposes. They will discover how fungi can impact on human health and how it was used by authors.

The term will culminate with an Art Exhibition held at Petrichor Gallery. The students will draw, paint, print and sculpt and fungi. Families will be invited to the opening night and the exhibition can be viewed by tourists over the holiday period.

URWalpole 2018- Great Migrations


URWalpole- Marine Biologist  Visit


On 28th of May our school had Mr. Jim Underwood, Marine Biologist, come and talk to us about coral reefs, in particular Rowley Shoals and Scott Reef located off the North West coast of Australia. He explained what coral bleaching was and talked about climate change. He showed us maps of how heat has increased worldwide over the years. Mr Underwood also shared with us some simple ways that we can help preserve coral reefs so that they will still be there for the future.


Lara Hunter

Media officer, Student Council


More UR Walpole Incursions


Recently we have had three more incursions. The first was Emma Johnson (EJ), who is a whale watching photographer and tour guide based in Tonga. She talked to our school about humpback whale migrations from Antarctica to Tonga for breeding and ways to cut down on plastic, so that the whales don’t end up eating it.


The second was Taryn and Kylie from the Fisheries Department. They explained to the Yr 4,5,6’s about salmon migration and even dissected a real salmon for us.


The third and final was from two Noongar Elders, Lindsay and Avril. They shared with us information about their culture and Noongar migrations for food and ceremony.


All three incursions were interesting and enlightening. I hope to see more like them in the future and I’m sure that everyone who was there enjoyed them.





Lara Hunter, Media Officer, Student Council


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