• STEAM Family Night

  • Food Production

  • UR Walpole Excursion

  • The Power of Flowers

  • UR Walpole Program

  • Golf Clinic at WCC

  • School Garden

  • Outdoor Classroom at Peaceful Bay

  • Faction Athletics Carnival

  • In-term Swimming Lessons

  • URWalpole Camp

  • School Chickens at Recess

  • Recycling

  • UR Walpole Program

  • UR Walpole Program

  • Yirra Yaakin Incursion

  • UR Walpole Program

  • UR Walpole Program

  • Peaceful Bay Sea, Search and Rescue visit

Recent News

Long Table Lunch

Ms Walker planned a Long Table Lunch to interact with the Walpole community and use vegetables and fruit from the school garden. The students spent a couple of days collecting vegetables from the garden with Mr Griffiths.


School Boat Show

Following the fabulous Walpole Regatta, Walpole Primary School hosted a family STEAM night with the theme, “The Boat Show” .


Paper Capers

Last Thursday night, attending families enjoyed a range of activities offered at the Walpole Primary School Paper Capers Family STEAM night.  


Gallery Visit

What an exciting opportunity, visiting an art gallery and hearing an artist tell their story.  That’s exactly what the Year 2 to 6 students at Walpole Primary did last week as part of the Great Southern Art Trail.