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  • UR Walpole Program

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  • Long Table Lunch Preparation

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  • UR Walpole Program

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Recent News

UR Walpole Program

In term 2 every year, Walpole PS investigate a global topic but from a local perspective. This year’s theme was 2021-41 Future Proofing Walpole. The students researched information about sustainable living in an effort to improve the future of Walpole and the world.


Containers for Change

The community have been very supportive in donating their bottles and cans to the school so that we can receive the 10c cash per can. Our second drop off scored a $178 refund! Wowee! The funds will go towards the early childhood playground and camp.  


Interm Swimming Lessons

The P-6 students had successful in-term swimming lessons at Peaceful Bay recently.  Although the sky wasn't as blue as we would have liked, the weather and water were warm enough to get in and have a go.  It was great to see everyone happy to participate.