Wednesday Lunches

Term 3  MasterChef


Each week students with the guidance of Mr Jones will cook up a storm with produce from our gardens.


"MasterChef has finally arrived at Walpole Primary School, and what a cracker the first round was!! Chantelle and Keira cooked up a magnificent lasagne from scratch and the scores that came in reflected how well they did. Lasagne might sound pretty simple, but to make the perfect creamy, cheesy béchamel sauce took some time.  After lots of perseverance they did it !!! Well done girls and a big thanks to their assistant for the day, Bella." (25 July)



The last two weeks have been hectic, with Luca and Logan putting out a wonderful winter warmer for MasterChef. It was really fantastic timing as the weather was horrible and cold but they produced a very appetizing Pumpkin Soup and Garlic Bread.

On the 7th of August, Anabelle and Keenan pleased  the crowds with their Loaded Wedges with bacon bits, cheese and a sour avocado sauce, the meal had great flavours and worked well together and we had lots of students coming back looking for more. Well done guys!


Just a reminder to Students and Parents, the meals have to contain at least three items from the Kitchen Garden. The garden does contain a lot of fruit, veg and herbs, so lets use the resources we have and make some fantastic meals.

(1 & 8 August)



HOT HOT HOT !!!!!! The kitchen was incredibly hot these last two weeks with some serious young MasterChefs turning up the heat on the competition. First we had Lara and Jorja's extremely tasty Thai Vegetable Curry that pulled some very high scores, this was done by using a huge range of vegetables, fantastic presentation with superb origami napkins and great flavours. This team is a serious contender!!!!

This week we had or taste buds buzzing after a fantastic Spaghetti Bolognese cooked by Matilda and Madeleine, This meal would give some Italian Nonna's a good run for their money. The flavours were great, they balanced the tomato and veg sauce perfectly with the meat and spaghetti which brought back many kids for seconds and thirds. This meal also received very high scores based on flavour, presentation and use of vegetables from the garden.


Well done to both teams of girls, and good luck to the other teams in trying to knock these ladies off top spot!!! (15 & 22 August)



 Cheers Mr Jones