Room 4

Year 4/5/6

Teacher - Mrs Michelle Burkett



Hale 21


This year, four Year Six students are participating in Hale 21.  Lara H, Chantelle M, Laluca B and Maddie G are enjoying studying interesting units along with students from Munglinup and Darkan and Mr Valentine, from Hale School.


Their personal favourite unit was the M&M challenge. The girls had to count how many M&M’s were in a packet. In their packet they had 194 which was a good number. After they counted them they did a tally for how many of each colour there were. For brown there were 41 M&Ms, for yellow 24, for red 49, for orange 24, for blue 38 and green was 19.



The students were testing whether the M&M company’s claim for the percentage of colours was correct. They discovered that the claim was incorrect.


The best part was that the girls got to eat all 194 M&Ms once they were done!


By Laluca and Chantelle



yr56 Museum in Motion from walpoleps on Vimeo.


Walpole Primary School's Year 5 & 6 class opened their classroom to younger students and their families on Tuesday last week. The students created a museum based around the concept of change- focussing on the century after the arrival of the First Fleet. Key historical events were researched by the students, who they created a report and diorama depicting the events. On the day, students dressed up as characters of the time and were available for questioning by the visitors.

The museum gave the students an opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers, building a deeper understanding of the events of the time.