Room 7

Year 2/3 Class


Teacher: Mrs Lorelle Flett



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Talk 4 Writing - Dreaming Stories


The students wrote a dreaming story at the beginning of term: COLD TASK.

During the term we focussed on the structure of the story, the starting words and phrases for each section and using speech including how to punctuate it.

At the end of term, we wrote another dreaming story to show case our learning: HOT TASK.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly

I saw an eagle try to fly. When I saw it fly it kept limping so I decided to help the eagle. Every day the eagle came to the location and then we would train together.


Hot Task:  How the Leopard Learnt to Run

One hot summers day, a leopard named Ella was needing to go to her mum.

Her Dad said, “Run along, and take these cakes that are hot.”

Ella didn’t know how to run so she fast jogged. But she was so puffed out, she sat under a tree.


First she thought to push off and run but she just couldn’t run.


Next she tried to walk then jog then run but that didn’t work.


After that she tried to walk back home. But she remembered that her dad asked her to take these cakes to Mum’s.


Finally, Ella called for help. A friendly lion came an taught her how to run.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly   (Absent)


Hot Task:  How the Goanna Learnt to Bite

One day a goanna named Oliver wanted to learn how to have a strong bit so he could defend himself against predators because he was in the Northern Territory where there were lots of dangerous creatures.

“I want to have a strong bit,” moaned Oliver sadly.

Then his friend, Burt, the Lizard came by and said, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” said Oliver.

“Well I suppose I could tell you only if you do not tell anybody,”

“Ok! declared Oliver, “but can I tell my friend Con, the komodo dragon.”

“No,” replied Burt.

“Well bad luck, Burt. I am going to tell him” yelled Oliver.

“But you do not even know what it is,” yelled Burt back.

“Well what is it,” yelled Oliver.

“Not telling,” said Burt.




Cold Task:  Eagles

Eagles first had wings then feet, feathers many, many years ago.


Hot Task:  How the Wombat Learnt to Climb

Jeffy was always complaining that his feet were hurting. When suddenly he fell off a cliff and landed on a tree and couldn’t get down. Jeffy called help. No one came.


His Mum wouldn’t come because she didn’t know where he was so he kept on calling. He saw an echidna. The echidna wouldn’t help him.


He still couldn’t see someone that would help him.


When finally a bird said.

“Do you need help,” said the eagle.

“Yes,” said Jeffy.

“Okay,” said the eagle. “Take off out of the trees.”

So he did. From that day he never needed help again.




Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly

Once I saw a friendly talking eagle trying to fly but it couldn’t so I helped it by saying flap your wings and she did. She flew and flew. She was beautiful.


Hot Task:  How the Scarlet Learnt to Fly

Long, long ago in the dreaming Scarlet the bird was always complaining about her claws hurting.

“It’s too far to Peter’s nest,” cried Scarlet to her mum.

“Oh well,” said Snowy Scarlet’s mum, “you’ll have to stick with it.”


One boiling, sunny day Snowy decided to go to the hill with Scarlet so they went to the hill.


When Scarlet was having down the hill, she tripped over a rock and fell off the hiss.

“Help me, Mum. I’m falling,” said Scarlet.

But her mum didn’t hear her, and it was too late. She was already at the bottom of the hill. She wanted to fly from when she fell off the hill.


First, she tried to push off the ground. But all she was doing was jumping. Scarlet didn’t fly.


Next, she tried to swing on a vine. Scarlet still didn’t fly.


After that, she tried to swing on a vine and let go. Still, Scarlet didn’t fly.


Just as she was about to fall asleep she knew one thing, call for help, so she did.

“Help!” yelled Scarlet.


Finally, an eagle swooped in and said, “What’s wrong and what’s wrong.”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong first,” said Scarlet. “I want to fly but I can’t and my name is Scarlet. What’s your name?”

“My name is Poppy. Let’s get back to your problem and I will help you.”

And as she said, Poppy helped Scarlet and there were best friends.


From that day, Scarlet never needed help again and helped all the over birds.




Cold Task:  The Eagle’s Wings

The eagle did not have wings in 0182 and when the eagle didn’t have wings. It had claws. The eagle claws were very sharp. The mum eagle lays the egg. The mum had the eggs hatch. Now mum has to feed the chick. When the chick were really tall all of the chicks are learning to fly. Now the chicks can fly.


Hot Task:  How the Leopard Learnt to Run

The eagles name was Lucas and the emu’s name was Sam. The eagle was a greedy eagle. He wanted to be the biggest eagle in all the land.


One boiling day, Lucas became very hot. He need lots of water. He saw water in the distance. He ran to the water but he ran out of breath. Lucas found an emu. He walked to the emu.

Lucas said, “Hi emu.”

My name is Rheef?” said the emu.

He said, “Can I hop on your back please?”

The emu ran to the water. They got to the water and then they were better now.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly

Once upon a time eagles could not fly because they did not know what their wings were for. They thought their wings were for throwing but some eagles tried throwing something, but it did not work. Then one eagle thought that wings were for swimming, but it did not work. Then one eagle thought that wings were for fighting but it did not work. Then one eagle thought wings were for flying so one eagle tried. It worked so the eagle told all the other eagles.


Hot Task:  How the Lizard Learnt to Run

Once upon a time, there was a lizard called Bob. He couldn’t run. He always walked. He lived in a forest.


One hot day Bob was outside to have a drink of water when suddenly an eagle was coming.

“Oh no, an eagle is coming,” said Bob.

Bob wanted to run. He saw a big lizard.

Bob said, “Can you make me run,”

“Ok,” said the big lizard, but first we have to go to my house.

The big lizard chased him. It didn’t work.


After that the big lizard scared him it still didn’t work.


The big lizard ran out of ideas. Suddenly he had an idea.


The big lizard told Bob to walk fast. It worked.

“Thank you,” said Bob.

“You’re welcome,” said the big lizard.


From that day, Bob knew how to run.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly   (Absent)


Hot Task:  Kangaroo

Long, long ago lived a kangaroo called Loop. Loop wanted to jump to her grandad’s house.


“Ouch,” said Loop. “I’ve hurt my foot.”

First Loop rolled over. Loop could not get up.


Next Loop tried to sit up but Loop still could not get up.


After that Loop tried to push up off the ground. Still Loop didn’t get up.


Loop was so confused she didn’t know what to do.


Finally, Loop called for help.

“Help, help.”


Suddenly a grey ear popped out. It was her friend, Wallaby.

Loop said to Wallaby, “Can you teach me how to jump?”

“Of course, you’re my friend. Just watch me.”


From that day, Loop will always remember how to jump.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly

Years ago eagles couldn’t fly. So they walked. But one day an eagle was walking along when it found itself surrounded by hungry, mean, wild dogs. They chased it off a cliff. When it opened its eye it was gliding along.


Hot Task:  Teaching Jack to Not Be a Bully

One day there lived five animal friends. Their names were Ethan the rock wallaby, Jack the kangaroo, James the wombat, Fred the koala and Harry the platypus. Early one morning, Ethan was the first to wake. That was not very surprising. He always woke up at 5:30am. Jack was usually the second one awake then Harry, then James then Fred who usually woke up at 1:50pm and was always told off for being late for something.


One very hot day, Ethan woke up and found the river empty and called his friends.

“Wake up, wake up,” said Ethan horrified.

“What is it? Is it urgent?” asked Jack.

When Jack came to look he discovered that the river was dried up. When the others woke up they hurried over to see that the river was dried up.


One week later they were so thirsty but Jack who was not there half the time which was very weird. They figured out that he knew where there was a secret water source.

“If we follow him we could find the water source,” suggested Fred.


First James tried to follow him, but Jack noticed and went the wrong way.


Next Ethan tried but Jack just took him in circles.


They didn’t have any other options.


Finally, Harry decided to give it a try. Harry scuttled through the dead bushes a few metres behind Jack. Finally, they got there. When Jack left he grabbed a rock and threw it at the rocks around the water source. Suddenly, Harry noticed the rock start to crack. He ran as fast as he could and then caught a ride on the water. It filled the streams and rivers.


When he got back, Jack said sorry and from that day, he was never a bully again.



Cold Task:  How the Eagle Learnt to Fly

Once there was an eagle, (Quite a heroic eagle too), laying in his nest pulling out dandruff when he saw two long things on his sides. He wondered what they were for. Taking his mind off his two long things, he set out to Lizard’s house. When he got there he asked Lizard if he would like to go to the cliff. Lizard said sure and they walked to the cliff. Eagle went straight to the edge of the cliff and stood there. In a few moments he heard lightning then between his feet was a huge crack. Suddenly he fell down. He went down the cliff. Quickly closing his eyes, he felt a swoop. He opened his eyes. He was flying. He went back up to the cliff edge and said cool!


Hot Task:  How the Lizard Learnt to Climb


Once in the dreaming there was a lizard called Sandy.


One foggy morning, Sandy went to his friend’s house. His friend was called Toosha. He was a fly. At lunch time Toosha went on a walk with Sandy.

“Let’s go!” squealed Toosha.

“Okay!” replied Sandy.


When they got there, Sandy stopped on a rock near the cliff edge. Then it began to crumble.

“Move Sandy!” yelled Toosha.

“Ahh!” squealed Sandy.

Sandy grabbed the edge just when he was going to fall. Then he looked down. Toosha was falling down and down.


Sandy first tried to pull himself up. Sadly, it did not work.


Next, Sandy kicked but it made rocks just fall.


After that, Sandy jumped but that didn’t work either.


Sandy was sooo tired.

“Help,” screeched Sandy.

Suddenly a bright light shone on the cliff.

“Hmmm, this is not my ???,” said a beautiful lyrebird.

“Ohhh. Hi there. Are you in trouble?”

“YES!” declared Sandy.

Sandy looked at the lyrebird. She was dancing.

“What’s your name,” asked Sandy.

“I am Teshi, daughter of Aphrodite,” she said softly.

“Can you help me of this CLIFF!” roared Sandy.


Suddenly she said goodbye and then a flash of light went in his face. Then everything was back to normal.


From that day, lizards have always been known to climb to safety.