Room 7

Writing Descriptive Paragraphs

The children used this photo to write a descriptive text. They tried to include descriptions using their five senses and other language devices to make their writing interesting to the reader.

The Cross Country by James M

Mac ran at four million kilometres an hour in lots of mud like everyone else and he was on fire! He was lighting up the track like it was a runway. Crashing into the truck, he broke his ribs again like at the lighthouse and at the forest two years ago.

Wipe Out by Harry C

Running through the wild bush with my friends, listening to the crackling leaves, looking at the beautiful sunset, smelling the fresh air, one friend disappears into thin air. That is what it seems like. I do not know how that friend suddenly vanished or why. All of my other friends in the bush just fell over, so I went and checked on them.  That was when I realised that there was an arrow in each of their bodies.  I could taste blood from what felt like an arrow in the back of my head.  Later that day I also died.


The Water and the Wild by Phoebe H

The black water looks like its swallowing the brave, high school students as they race through the muddy sludge. The smell of sweat mixing with the cool water is so horrible I nearly faint. The mud on and in their shoes, felt like dead fish against their ankles and legs. The horrible, black, sludgy water splashing droplets in their mouths as they gasp for breath! The endless pounding of feet in the bush and splashes of students jumping in the horrible water, only to gasp and wish they hadn’t jumped in at all.


Cross Country by Molly V

As I run along the smooth, never ending track, I smell an unforgiving smell. Then I came across it! A big puddle of oozy, horrible mud.  As I touched it with my foot I felt it slowly crawling into my shoes.


Then I hear some people coming up behind me.

“Oh no, it is Michael’s gang. They are the biggest, meanest and biggest bullies in the school. And they’re catching up. I am much faster than them but if I lose, then I have to buy them a 4,000 dollar remote control car and that is all of my allowance!”