Room 1

Kindy/Pre Primary/Year 1 Class


Teacher: Mrs Lisa Teague Robertson


The KP1 class is full of inquisitive minds that love to explore , experiment and enthusiastically explain what they have discovered.
Our school is surrounding forests the Walpole Nornalup National Park giving our school a unique nature focus. This love of all things natural takes us outside to explore our surroundings as well filtering back into the classroom. Plants and animals are a constant positive. From guinea pigs to worm farms the children have the opportunity to learn about caring for and respecting animals.
By having a closer look at plants and animals , sharing our understandings and asking questions the children develop a good understanding of the natural world and their place in it.
Our Poetry focus last term promoted environmental messages and lead to a greater understanding of creatures such as owls ,badgers and insects.

In Science we learnt about plants and labelled their parts. The IScope provided all the magnification we needed to get up close to leaves , seeds , roots and flowers. Looking at the parts helped children understand how plants grow , take nutrients form the soil and use the sunshine to make food.

Term 4 brings new adventures . This term in Humanities and Social Sciences we look at our town and community .The children will discover that Walpole has a variety of services and attractions that give our town its unique character. We will link the physical features of our town such as the inlet and forest with buildings and other man made structures. The children's interest in Mapping will be extended And will include creating models and drawing. In History we look at our family history and how life has changed for children over time. In science we will discover how and why things move focusing On push , pull ,gravity and friction.

Their imaginations will run wild in Talk4Writing . Our key learning genre is Informational Reports , made more interesting by focusing on unicorns , dragons and mermaids. We will then follow up with recounts putting on our reporters hats to get the scoop on the The fire breathing dragon that sets fire to town !
Term 4 is set to be a busy but exciting one!