Room 1

Kindy/Pre Primary/Year 1 Class


Teacher: Mrs Lisa Teague Robertson


The KP1 class  have been focusing on poetry. The children enjoy the rhythm and rhyme that poetry produces and are attentive listeners. We have discussed and drawn  the images that  the words paint in their minds. 


They have also explored different types of poetry. 

We wrote Haiku  poetry , taking our inspiration form the natural environment that surrounds us. We walked down to the Walpole Inlet looking for inspirations. Poems about boats , seagulls , trees and the wind  were produced.


We also tried Kenning poems - 2 verses of three lines.  Each poem describing a different animal. We started with a brainstorm and then ordered them to make our poems. We hope you enjoy them.


Location and Arrangement - ELSA
A plan to help students with the building process.

Building of Echo Beach with blocks.

Students furnish the rooms using dolls house furniture according to the house plan. Additional furniture is made with small blocks.  People are then added.

On completion, student take on the roll of Architect and draw the house design.

K/P/1 Power point presentation from walpoleps