Faction Athletics Carnival

In term one, Walpole Primary have their Faction Athletics Carnival. It’s a full day of track and field events, with opportunities for the parents to be involved.

We normally have over 90% of the parents turn up and bring along their friends and family members. Bring a chair, rug and a picnic to make a day of it. The P&C usually have a sausage sizzle and have tea and coffee available.

All of the K-6 students participate in a number of individual and team events throughout the day. If the Yr 1-6 students gain a place in a race, they earn a ribbon and points for their faction. K/P races are all about participation. Intermediate (Yr 3/4) and Senior (Yr 5/6) students are also in the running for Championship and Runner-up trophies.

Events are organized into K/P, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 groupings. Genders are mixed as we found they have very little impact on times or distances.

Year 1-6 students start the day with jumps and throws. Long jump for all and triple jump for the 3-6 students. They also throw a ‘chook’ or a shot put.

Year 3-6 students are also invited to run the 800m. This race does not go towards championship points but first and second place win a medallion.