UR Walpole Program

In term 2 every year, Walpole PS investigate a global topic but from a local perspective. This year’s theme was 2021-41 Future Proofing Walpole. The students researched information about sustainable living in an effort to improve the future of Walpole and the world.

The project is led by Gary Muir of WOW Wilderness tours and involves various businesses, community groups and individuals. Gary’s enthusiasm quickly spread to the teachers and students as they explore the many concepts that link to the theme.

The incredible teachers at Walpole then take all of those amazing ideas and link them to the WA Curriculum. They look at what fits their year levels and turn ideas into interesting and meaningful lessons.

The K/P/1 students’ main focus was carbon sequestration, seeds and quokkas.  They learnt that plants remove carbon from the atmosphere so that we don’t get too hot. They found out that feeding kelp to cattle reduces their farting.

In an effort to increase seed diversity, the K/P/1s have created a seed bank. There will be a seed library outside the classroom. Feel free to swap seeds you have at home.

The K/P/1s also want to look after the ‘fashion model of the macropods’- quokkas! They learnt about their lifecycle, what they eat and the dangers they face. They wrote letters to main roads to request signage between Walpole and Nornalup to minimise the impact from traffic.

The 2/3 class compared living in 1910, when Walpole was first settled by Europeans, to now. They watched the documentary, The River of Giants, that re-enacted the first settlement by the Bellanger family. They also learnt about the different sources of power in Australia and the positives and negatives of each type.

They graphed the rainfall for Walpole from 1950 to 2020 and noticed we don’t have as much rain as we used to. When they graphed the monthly rain of 1960-1970 and 2010-2020, it seems the seasons are shifting slightly.

At the end of their learning, they had a discussion about how they could personally reuse, repair, recycle and reduce.

The Year 4/5/6 students began investigating their homes- different usage over the years and power requirements. They found out that some rooms did not exist before the Industrial Revolution, lounge rooms for example, because working class people didn’t have any leisure time.

On camp, they learnt more about living sustainably during their visits to Kings Park, Scitech and the WA Museum. They also went to a recycling centre and saw recycling in action. This reinforced the importance of trying to use less plastic.

URWalpole provides a great opportunity to link the skills the children learn to real situations. They question, reflect, research and produce. The Walpole PS invited the community to hear all about their endeavours at the recent URWalpole celebration.