Containers for Change

The community have been very supportive in donating their bottles and cans to the school so that we can receive the 10c cash per can. Our second drop off scored a $178 refund! Wowee! The funds will go towards the early childhood playground and camp.


Thank you to DPAW who have donated containers as well as transporting bags to the Denmark Refuse Facility. The Country Club have offered their containers from the coming golf weekend to the school and Coalmine Beach Caravan Park have been collecting for us as well.

Thank you to Keith Burton for washing and bagging the containers so they could be transported to the facility.

Please remember to check the label on the container before you bring it to the school. Wine and milk bottles are not accepted.

Please leave clean containers near the gardener’s shed.

Ideally, we need someone to transport the containers to Denmark (Wed & Sat 12-4pm), Albany or Manjimup (Tue, Fri & Sat 8-12am). This can be done as a once off, when you’re heading out of town, or a regular occurrence.