ABC Radio Great Southern

ABC Great Southern broadcast their midmorning radio show from Walpole Primary School last week.  Gianni Di Giovanni and Ellie Honeybone travelled from Albany to provide an inclusive program to their listeners.

Gianni interviewed the school principal, Chris Cook, teacher Lorelle Flett and the Student Councillors, Stella and Lucy. Chris praised the students and families that attended the school, declaring they made work a great place to be.

Lorelle explained the URWalpole program that connects the global issues to the local context. Teachers combine with local businesses and community members to plan ways to develop and teach this environmental, cultural and futuristic program. This year’s theme is 2040, what we can do now to make the world a better place in the future.

Stella and Lucy, after taking the radio hosts on a tour of the school, elaborated on the various programs offered by the school. They walked through the productive orchard and vegetable gardens and ended up in the music room. Ellie was interested in the angklungs, so the students gave a demonstration and described how each instrument played a different note.