School Car Park

Kiss and Wave Near K/P/1.

Kiss and Wave Near K/P/1

School parking for staff and parents is at the Latham end of the school. This is the preferred area for parking and dropping off children. 

There will be access to the gravel area near the K/P/1 class but it needs to be used in a safe manner. Preferably, this will be used as a Kiss and Wave, where the parent remains with the car, the child alights and walks to class.

When cars are able to travel up the kerb, please all travel in one direction, entering from Swan St and leaving on to Jones Rd. Remain on the driveway until your child has entered the gate and then drive off.

If you have to leave your car, pull over to the right where there is space for up to two cars.  —  That way, other cars can continue using the Kiss and Wave as planned. Please be respectful of who might need to park, it would generally be parents of younger children.

If you have any queries, please talk to the Principal, Chris Cook.