Monster Mosaics

The Year 4-6 students at Walpole Primary School have been madly making mosaics in an effort to add to the fantastic installation already on display on the town oval toilet block.

The students drew a variety of marine creatures that were reproduced on ply then tiled and grouted. Their creations were installed this week and look fabulous.

The Manjimup Shire initiated this project three years ago when the students were invited to suggest what they think will improve the town. One of the students suggested putting an art installation on the toilet block and the then Year Six students, made that suggestion a reality.

Sharon Wilkinson, Shire Community Development Officer, applied for, and received, a grant that has allowed them to employ Lewis Horne, a community artist from Nannup, to help with the project. Lewis has 20 years of experience working with youth and his passion for the Arts. He has shared his skills with the students to enable them to produce work worthy of public display.

A parent saw the mosaics being mounted and was amazed they were completed by primary aged students. Next time you take a walk around town, go past the mosaics.