Long Table Lunch

Ms Walker planned a Long Table Lunch to interact with the Walpole community and use vegetables and fruit from the school garden. The students spent a couple of days collecting vegetables from the garden with Mr Griffiths. Even though we haven’t had a warm summer, there was an abundant supply of a variety of vegetables including zucchini, spinach, beetroot, spring onions, cucumber, garlic, herbs, beans, tomatoes and eggs.

A number of local identities were invited to help out and enjoy our Long Table Lunch. They arrived around 11am and were given a small group of four students to manage.


There were ten groups, with each group having two recipes to prepare. Students ranged in ages across the school.


It was the first time the kindy students participated with the rest of the school. Normally they work and play in the early childhood area. Some of them found it a bit overwhelming while others enjoyed watching the events take place. The older students showed off their kitchen skills and helped with the younger ones.

While the last few dishes were cooking, the ladies visited the gardens to check out where all the produce came from. They were impressed with the abundant vegetable garden and orchard.


Then over fifty of us sat down at one long table to enjoy our creations.

There was more than enough for everybody. Some children were eager to try every dish, others not so adventurous.