Paper Capers

Newspaper towers were constructed- with the aim of the tower being strong enough to hold the weight of a basketball. Congratulations to the Kirkwood family who created a sturdy and creative tower.

Another popular activity was the parachute activity. Families modified the parachute size or shape to influence the flight times.

The family cooperation challenge was to move cups to make a tower using the provided machine (an elastic band with string handles). The Burton and Hill families showed good teamwork and communication to construct great towers.

Whether it was eating your Minties, or tearing the wrapper, this challenge created much interest. Once people got the idea and watched the failed strategies of others, some very long strips of Minties wrappers were created. The winners of this activity were Justine Gamblin and Michelle Burkett with strips measuring 1.25m. Very fine work, ladies.

The highlight of the evening was the egg drop challenge. Families created a capsule that would protect an uncooked egg during a 3m drop. The approaches were varied, with some capsules looking like space machines. There were two successful entries. Congratulations to the Gamblin and Hunter families.

The Family STEAM nights have been a great success throughout the year. They have provided families opportunities to learn and create together in a fun environment.